All good stories start with a heartbeat.


Husband. Traveler. Visual Story Teller.


I don’t think I ever chose to become a wedding videographer;
It’s destiny that pulled me in this direction.

The story of PS. We Capture Love begins with when I met my wife Samuela, and we both shared a passion for capturing love. We started filming weddings through word-of-mouth, and eventually took our initials P + S and started PS. We Capture Love.  Our story is all about the sensual emotions and beauty between two hearts on their journey in becoming one in Christ. That’s how we define our Love Films. That’s how we also define our way of life.





We simply love to travel. Your wedding might take place on the other part of the globe, but its just one flight away. There are so many places around the world we would love to visit and experience. Here are a few of the places we will go to witness firsthand.




August: Denver

September: Nevada

May 2020: Brazil